Execution of Collaboration Agreement with Gebr. De Koning B.V (The Netherlands)

2018.11.16 NEWS RELEASE

On October 31, Giken Europe B.V., (Corporate office in Almere, the Netherlands, CEO: Anthony Bertrams), one of the group companies of Giken Ltd. (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura), and Gebr. De Koning B.V. entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to develop and expand the adoption of Pile Press-in equipment and technologies.

De Koning employs more than one hundred engineering employees and is actively engaged in projects such as reinforcement of dikes, restoring quay walls and building pits. From February 2018 Gebr. De Koning have operated an F301-700 Silent Piler, which was introduced to several projects and demonstrated a strong performance establishing a desire to develop the Press-in principle through this formal collaboration.

The Netherlands has significant aging city canal infrastructure. In several cities  quay wall restoration projects are planned, with budgets of billions of euros over the next 20 years. Long-term urban renewal is also planned to reinforce levees along the coast and quay walls within harbours. The Gyro Press-in method also perfectly fits many dike reinforcement projects. The technique will be used for installation of heavy constructions and is an environmentally friendly technique.

Targeting these projects, Gebr. De Koning has joined a consortium of leading companies in the Netherlands, including engineering consultants and contractors in order to propose the optimum solution to those clients.

A major focus for these projects will be to provide construction methods which are environmentally friendly, with efficient construction periods, providing value for money solutions. GIKEN Press-in technologies provide significant advantages as little temporary construction is necessary, with no impact on existing activities, and rapid reinforcement of structures within limited working space is possible.

Giken Europe B.V. is now proceeding with a plan of expansion and redevelopment of its Almere factory established in 1992. Also, resources are being organized to provide technology cooperation, rental of Press-in machines, auxiliary equipment and operators, to support our Press-in construction solutions.

The attention from around the world to the advantages of Press-in construction solutions is rising, following the reinforcement of levees and disaster restoration works on the Kochi coast, impacted by the Great East Japan earthquake.

Our group will continue to aggressively pursue business relationships with similar successful companies in the future and strive to achieve the goal of “Overseas Sales ratio to 70% of the total” as a long-term vision.

October 31 at Kochi Head Office
(3rd from the right: Mr. Dirk-Jan Teeuw, Director of Gebr. De Koning B.V.)

Image of canal revetment refurbishment work in the Netherlands

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