Zero Clearance Method

Zero Clearance Method


The "Zero Clearance Method" is a press-in method for pile installation with zero clearance to adjacent structures. This method is only possible with the use of an especially designed machine "SILENT PILER™" and "Zero Sheet Piles", dedicated piles for this method.



Respectful of the surrounding area

The influence on the ground behind the piles can be minimised even when using driving assistance. This is because the Press-in method uses static load and the orientations of the Zero sheet piles (NS-SP-J) are all the same.

Outstandingly economical

Since the Zero sheet piles (NS-SP-J) have their interlocks positioned on the outside, it does not need to lower cross-sectional performance on the grounds of interlock efficiency, leading to an economical design.

Fater Completion

The Zero sheet piles (NS-SP-J) have an effective width of 600 mm. This means fewer piles are to be installed and construction time will be shorter, compared with 400 mm-width sheet piles.