Research & Development

Synergizing Theory and Practicality to Enhance the Construction Revolution

By uniting scientific testing with on-site verification, the GIKEN Group has scientifically clarified the press-in principle and is advancing with performance verification of structures, promoting a construction revolution of the way construction should be done, through technological innovation of materials used and the mechanical systems used for construction.

Technical Center

Example of test facilities: “Tsunami Simulator”


Reduced scale model tsunami testing

Test Field

For the development of new construction methods and new technology, it is essential to firstly verify the penetration performance of piles against the ground. Our company has established six test fields with different ground conditions in Kochi Prefecture, where we are carrying out field tests of new construction methods and technologies.

Collaboration Research with the University of Cambridge

In 1994, GIKEN started the collaborative research with the University of Cambridge. Since then, 3 students have completed their doctorates in study of the press-in method. (in March 2010)

Establishment of International Press-in Association

IPA, International Press-in Association, was established in 2007. Many experts from variety of fields such as environment engineering, mechanical engineering, measurement engineering and soil mechanics join this organisation to find out relationship of mutual interactions between pile and ground in order to visualise pile behaviour underground.

GIKEN will develop new construction methods and new technologies which realise Construction Revolution by blending new structure, new machinery and new materials in higher levels.