Press-in Procedure

Standard Operations

Standard Machine Layout

The SILENT PILER™ is very small and light weighted and can advance along top of already installed piles. For sheet piling works, it requires just one service crane to pitch a sheet pile.

*The machine and its deployment will differ depending on the on-site conditions.

Press-in Working Procedure / Self-moving

The process of moving the SILENT PILER forward is called "self-moving". Here you can see a series of press-in processes, including the self-moving, in a CG animation.

Initial Press-in

At the very beginning, if there is no completed pile, “Reaction Stand” is usually used for initial press-in.

Curve and Corner Installation

Curve Installation

Chuck rotation, mast revolution and clamp right-left mechanisms are equipped on the press-in machine main body. These functions enable to install piles on curved or complicated alignments. The minimal piling radius differs from the pile sections and press-in machine models.

Corner Installation

The SILENT PILER is able to install piles to form corners at any angle needed by swinging its upper components of the machine body. Therefore, even the installation of pile lines with complicated pile orientation can be achieved with the SILENT PILER.

Backward Self-moving

If the press-in machine cannot be removed directly at the point where the press-in is completed, a backward self-moving attachment is used to let the press-in machine back up to a position where it can be removed.