Strengths of the GIKEN Group

Five Strengths

1. Construction Method Superiority

"Vibration and noise-free", "space saving", "temporary work free", "highly precise execution", "high safety". Press-in technology has a variety of advantages. For example, temporary work free construction, which eliminates the need for temporary construction work, can reduce the overall cost and time of construction, also reducing carbon dioxide emissions through eliminating the need to construct temporary work areas and piers for placing machinery and materials, a step that is required with other construction methods.

There exist work sites that cannot proceed without press-in technology, and many construction projects can be streamlined with press-in technology, making the potential demand for it immeasurable. Our greatest strength lies in providing one-of-a-kind solutions to a variety of societal and construction problems with our superior construction methods.

2. Structural Superiority

Structures constructed by pressing in pile elements deep into the ground using the SILENT PILERTM are known as an "Implant™ Structure" and can withstand external forces such as earthquakes and tsunamis. With natural disasters worsening and infrastructure aging, the Implant Structure is spreading as a structure that contributes to national resilience.

Comparative experiments between existing structures and the Implant™ Structure using a tsunami simulator.

The Implant Structure is also a "Functional StructureTM" that can flexibly respond to the relocation and removal of components as times and society change. Pressed-in pile elements can easily be drawn out by following the reverse of the installation process. Removed components can be reused in other structures, contributing to sustainable construction through recycling.

3. Development That Adapts to the Field

We are a fabless company* and have deepened our press-in technology through concentrating resources on development. Our group company GIKEN SEKO CO., LTD., which specialises in press-in construction, conducts practical tests of new construction methods in the development stage, and any improvements are immediately reflected in the development process.

*A fabless company is a company that does not have its own facilities for production. A production facility like a factory is known as a "fabrication facility", and the lack of those facilities is expressed by the "less" part of "fabless".

4. Automation and Unmanned Operation

Automatic analysis of data collected during the press-in process (press-in force, torque, speed, time, depth) allows for estimation of information about the ground, including soil conditions and converted N value (soil strength). Additionally, press-in speed and other press-in conditions can be optimised in real time to achieve optimal automatic operation.

PPT SystemTM for optimal automatic operation

With the number of skilled construction workers on the decline, automation and unmanned operation technology will allow for optimal execution regardless of the operator's expertise, contributing to labour savings and enhanced productivity in the field. For example, workers can simply set up materials at night, and the process will be completed by morning. Press-in technologies will pioneer full automation of piling work as envisioned by our company.

5. Technological Proposal Capabilities

No matter the superiority of our technologies, it will not be adopted without personnel to communicate it to others. We are also focussed on training and deploying personnel who can create new construction projects through proposing the superiority of our press-in technologies and the Implant Structure. Our experienced personnel travel abroad to promote the Construction Revolution throughout the world. Our ability to continually expand the press-in market through our technological proposals is a strength and asset that our company has diligently refined.

Won the highest evaluation of 16 teams for a World Heritage-listed canal quay wall renovation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.