ECO Cycle™

Automated Parking Facility ECO Cycle™

The ECO Cycle is an automated bicycle parking facility developed with the concept of " Culture Aboveground, Function Underground". With a compact entrance booth, it requires minimal space aboveground and provides more than 200 parking spaces underground. ECO Cycle brings a cultural enrichment to the city by promoting the use of the bicycle and preventing disorderly parking.

Comfortable parking lot without worries about rain or theft

Bicycles are housed in a sealed underground space eliminating the risk of theft and exposure to weather.  Operation is easily & comfortably done from the covered drop off booth.

Effective utilisation of land with high capacity

A 200 bike capacity underground ECO Cycle uses a similar above ground space to that of a single bike. On the other hand, 200 bikes parked above ground consume an area similar to that of a 25 meter pool. The use of ECO Cycle facilitates high volume parking in high density, land scarce locations such as train stations and commuter hubs, leaving above ground area available for green space and other community uses.

Underground/Aboveground model available

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