Types of Usage

Implant Retaining Wall

Versatile Resilient Embedded Retaining Wall

Implant Cofferdam

Highly Watertight Reliable Cofferdam

Implant Levee

Highly Resilient Disaster Prevention Levee

Implant Basement

Durable Watertight Steel Intensive Basement

Implant River Revetment

Rapidly Built River Revetment with High Scour Resistance

Implant Seawall (Coastal Protection Wall)

Highly Resilient against Wave Action Loads

Implant Flood Defence Wall

Dyke Protection from Overflow, Breach and Internal Erosion

Implant Berth

Rapidly Built Extendable Reusable Modular Berth

Implant Bridge

Integral Bridge Abutments with Piled Foundations

Implant Bell Cap Bridge

Reusable Prefabricated Single-pier Steel Modular Bridge