What are piles in the first place?

“Piles” are essential materials used in constructions.

Developed in a range of shapes and materials to suit the application and usage environment, piles are used everywhere in our daily lives, from structural foundations to soil retaining walls and cut-off walls.

What kind of piles are there?

Piles can be made of steel or concrete and are also available in a variety of shapes. In construction, the most suitable pile is selected for each application and environment.

The SILENT PILERTM is able to install most of the preformed piles available on the global market. Therefore, the Press-in Method is applicable to a wide range of wall properties and can cover all levels of retained height required in today’s construction industry.

Weight Ratio of Pile Properties (Major Four Profiles of Steel Sheet Pile)

Advantages of Prefabricated Pile

Proven Quality as Prefabricated Structural Materials

In the Press-in Method, factory-manufactured, high-quality piles are used as pressed-in piles. These piles are manufactured in a factory under strict quality control, ensuring consistent quality and durability. In addition, because they are easy to store and transport, they can be produced and stored in advance during periods of low material costs or low operating rates of production facilities, or conversely, they can be produced according to a planned production schedule in line with the construction process, thus ensuring a stable supply.

Wide Range of Application

Self-standing wall structures can be constructed only by installing prefabricated piles from the ground. The structure also can be increased the strength by choosing strut structure, tie-rod structure or double pile structure. Prefabricated piles are widely applicable not only to temporary structures such as coffering and retaining wall, but also to permanent structures such as river revetment, quay wall, road retaining wall, and building frame of underground facility.

Shortening Work Duration

Various shapes, lengths and thicknesses of prefabricated piles contribute to economic design. The appropriate use of prefabricated piles attains overall cost saving through a shortening of the work duration and a reduction of labour. In addition some of the steel sheet piles can be used repeatedly as the steel products for temporary structures, it is possible to reduce construction costs.