Special Auxiliary Equipment

Flywheel-type Pile Auger

By utilising the moment of inertia in rotational motion, greater inertia torque can be generated. Also, this is applicable to extremely hard ground with SPT-N value over 600.


Sheet pile alignment is quickly and accurately set by a palm-sized laser diode pointer. The laser is clear under sun shine, and the unique arm function can set the alignment flexibly.


The PILE ROLLER eliminates noise and friction between piles while sheet pile is being pitched up. It makes crane work smoother and safer.


The HOSE ROLLER prevents the hydraulic hoses and the power cable from damage. It also provides smooth working conditions for SILENT PILERTM operations.


The PILER STAGE is an easy handling platform.
Junctions on the press-in machine are easy insert type as well as junctions of each piece.
Adjustable handrails make flexible entry and exiting.

Leveling jack for Reaction Stand

It makes leveling reaction stand possible while keeping the Reaction Stand in place. Since it can conduct both leveling and checking work at the same time, it can save time a lot and setting activity becomes safer.

Module Box

You can save a lot of time to arrange items by storing all tools with modularisation. This box has highly efficient storage spaces and easy to check the items. Tools can be stored separately in deferent usage. (Super Crush, Standard Press-in, and Special Tools)

PILER ECO™ Hose (for Jet)

The PILER ECO Hose, which is inserted into the ground with a pile was developed exclusively to be extremely durable with high anti-abrasivity and tensile strength.
・ Higher durability (life span 3 times longer than common high tension water hose)
・ Applicable to long piles or in severe ground conditions

JET LOCK™ & Jet Nozzle

If the Jet Nozzle is accidentally detached from the JET LOCK or the JET LOCK is accidentally detached from the sheet pile, the design prevents uncontrollable hose reaction.

Jet Pipe

Jet Pipe is attached between PILER ECO Hose(for Jet) and the Jet Nozzle to protect the hose from damage in gravel layers.

Auger Head Replacement Arm

When pressing-in piles into hard ground, different auger heads need to be used depending on the soil conditions at sites. With the help of this compact Auger Head Replacement Arm, attaching and detaching the auger heads can be done much more quickly, safely and securely.

Casing Scraper

It can easily remove adhered soil on the Casing. It is no longer necessary to occupy 1 person for soil scraping work.

Spreader Beam

The Spreader Beam can prevent kink, wear or damage on sling wire ropes. It makes pitching work safer and more efficient. The lightweight and compact spreader beam can be used for 2 to 4 different diameter piles.