Combi-Gyro Method™

Combi-Gyro Method™


The "Combi-Gyro Method" is a piling method that enables just a single press-in machine to construct a wall combined with tubular piles called "Combi-Gyro Wall". It comprises hat sheet piles (900mm wide) which have outstanding water-blocking characteristics (installed by SUPER CRUSH mode / Water-jetting mode / Standard mode) and highly rigid tubular piles (installed by rotary cutting press-in). In addition, length of the hat sheet piles as well as diameter, length and intervals of the tubular piles can be adjusted, depending on the desired wall height and ground conditions. Thus, functional and economical walls can be constructed.


Building highly rigid wall structures with excellent watertightness

A single press-in machine can install both hat sheet piles and tubular piles by replacing the chuck.

Allowing free adjustment of pile diameter and pile-to-pile distance

The diameter of tubular piles and the distance between tubular piles can be freely set, allowing the most appropriate design for the application.

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