Implant Structure (Overview)

Embedded resilient piled foundations installed into the ground by the Press-in Method

Deep-rooted Resilient Structures

The Implant Structure consists of robust and durable structural members which are firmly embedded into the ground by the Press-in Method. The structural members are selected from a wide variety of piling materials in accordance with design requirement, thus, the Implant Structure can cover a wide range of foundation designs required in today’s construction industry. Also, being embedded into the ground, the Implant Structure is extremely resilient and maintains its serviceability even in extreme events, such as natural disasters.

Rapid Construction with Minimal Footprint

Traditional gravity structures are commonly used worldwide as they are simply constructed by “seating” on firm ground. However, they are quite vulnerable to dynamic loads caused by floods, wave actions, earthquakes and tsunamis. Furthermore, gravity foundations require a large footprint. This leads to complex construction processes i.e. temporary retaining walls, bulk excavation, shoring and backfilling etc. On the other hand, the Implant Structure is directly installed into the ground forming an extremely resilient structure with a minimal footprint and construction process.