GTOSS™(GIKEN Total Support System)

Imparting Technologies and Know-how for Success on Site

In April 2003, GIKEN Engineering Group started to provide GTOSS, GIKEN Total Support System, in Japan. It is aggregated services to improve customer’s daily business activities in various fields, such as SILENT PILERTM operation, promotion of press-in method, machine maintenance and office works.

The purpose of GTOSS is to impart our accumulated expertise, as “Pioneer of Press-in”, for successful projects to SILENT PILER customers who can share the same philosophy with us, and ultimately to elevate the status of Press-in Industry to create new construction industry. Those customers will obtain higher competiveness and technical capability to install piles faster and more accurately. Eventually GIKEN and GTOSS members will enjoy mutual benefits.

1.Various Support Services

Technical Support (SILENT PILER Operation Training, Lecture)

We offer a wide range of services from basic press-in machine operations to various construction techniques and control methods at special prices.

2.Various Software for Better Piling Efficiency

All the know-how that GIKEN has accumulated is aggregated into different software to improve project management, equipment management and promotion.

*An annual membership fee is separately required to use software.

3.Automation Support

You can introduce advanced automation technology using the PPT SystemTM.

PPT System
In operation, the penetration of the pile into the ground is measured in real time to control its behavior. Smooth construction can be achieved by optimum autonomous operation according to the situation.

*An annual membership fee is separately required to use the PPT System.

4.Preferential Treatment of Machine Rental

The GRB SystemTM are available for rental to the ordinary users.

GIKEN Reaction Base System
Press-in machines utilise reaction force from installed piles integrated with the Earth and carry out piling work while self-moving on top of installed piles. With further development based on the principle of “Footprint Free Installation System”, “GRB System” was developed as a press-in system which carries out all piling procedures such as pile transportation, pile pitching and press-in work on top of installed piles.

*A separate rental fee is required for machine rental.