Gyropress Method™

Gyropress Method™


The "Gyropress Method™" is a piling method for installing steel tubular piles, in which tubular piles with ring bits are rotated and pressed into the ground by GYRO PILER which is one of the press-in machines and has a rotary cutting function while keeping the superiorities of the press-in method. Indeed, the GYRO PILER grips the already installed piles to get enough reaction force and installs the next piles one after another while traveling on top of the already installed piles.


No need to remove existing structures

The Gyropress Method provides a tubular pile installation while keeping the existing structure in place because it uses the rotary cutting function. This could reduce the need for temporary earthworks or other works, as existing underground structures do not need to be removed. The structure can be built to an ideal quality without affecting the surrounding environment or the local economy.

Penetrating through hard ground and concrete obstructions

Press-in piling is available even where ground conditions are so hard that conventional methods cannot overcome and where there is underground obstacles such as concrete structures.

Structural flexibility

The construction design, for example, batter pile, pile layout, etc., can be freely selected so that the most economical structural style can be adopted.