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  • Retaining wall
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Disaster restoration (Channel installation)

Construction of water treatment facility

Tank foundation (Liquefaction measure)

Measure against erosion at the foundation of a castle wall

Retaining wall for a new shopping mall

Levee reinforcement (Liquefaction measure)

Foundation piles of seawalls

Bottom fixation of a river revetment protection wall

River renovation work

Temporary closure for river revetment improvement

Reinforcement of levee of a canal

Construction of river revetment protection wall

River revetment protection wall renovation

Prevention of ground subsidence①

Construction of a (subway) station box in a canal

Road widening with large diameter steel tubular pile

Bridge foundation work in bridge replacement

Disaster restoration work (Hurricane Catherina)

Temporary cofferdam under a bridge

Retaining structure for bridge pier

Construction of a self-standing earth retaining wall for road widening

Steel sheet pile retaining wall for road widening

River revetment protection wall for highway

Steel pipe pile continuous walls for road widening

Construction of cantilever type embedded retaining wall for road widening