Understanding GIKEN LTD.

"Solving Societal Issues" is the Starting Point

Pile Drivers Used to be the Source of Construction Pollution 

During Japan's post-war economic miracle (19551973), when the country was amid a construction boom, the pile driver, a machine that utilises impact and vibration, was said to be the source of construction pollution. 

The Creation of the SILENT PILERTM—"If it Doesn't Exist, Make it Yourself"

Akio Kitamura founded the predecessor of GIKEN LTD., Kochi Giken Consultant, during the economic miracle in 1967. After fruitlessly searching throughout Japan and abroad for a pile driver that does not produce noise or vibration, he decided to create one himself. Kitamura drew his rough idea on graph paper, and along with the late Yasuo Kakiuchi of Kakiuchi Shoten (now Kakiuchi Co., Ltd.), they used the drawing as a basis to develop their product. In 1975, the "SILENT PILER" was born. 

The office established in birthplace of the business in Takasu, Kochi City

Akio Kitamura (left) and Yasuo Kakiuchi (right)

Kitamura's press-in machine idea drawn on graph paper

The first SILENT PILERTM: "KGK-100A"

Pressing-in with a Static Load, Stabilised by the Extraction Resistance Force of Reaction Piles

In general, construction machinery becomes larger in size because the machine's weight itself is what stabilises it. To reduce vibration and noise, let's say a pile is pressed-in, penetrating the earth rather than being tapped or shaken. If a machine is stabilised by its weight, if a force of 100 t is applied, the machine will float upwards unless it has a weight of 100 t or more. Naturally, this causes machines to become huge and impractical.

On the other hand, the SILENT PILER grabs onto several piles that have already been driven in, stabilising the machine with the extraction resistance force, and pressing-in piles with a static load using oil hydraulics. Imagine standing on soft snow and pulling a radish with deep roots out of the ground. The radish will not come out, and your feet would sink into the snow.

To use an analogy, the legs in this scenario are the piles being pressed-in, the arms and torso are the SILENT PILER, and the radish is the pile that has already been driven in. The "pulling force" is diverted into a "pressing force".

Therefore, the SILENT PILER can exert more than 100 t of force with a lightweight frame.

"It's So Quiet!" Newspapers at the Time Were Shocked

Since the machine does not need to be stabilised with its own weight, it can be lightweight and compact, and can penetrate without noise or vibration since the pile is pressed- in with a static load. 

The SILENT PILER made its debut in the field in 1976, one year after the first unit was created. Local newspapers at the time ran headlines that exclaimed, "It's So Quiet!" expressing amazement at the innovation. 

A construction area in the early stages of practical use (Kochi City).

Courtesy of the Kochi Shimbun (1976) .

Superiority that Goes Beyond "No Vibrations, No Noise" and "Space-Saving"

The SILENT PILER is self-supporting on piles. By changing the pile that the machine grips at the front and back, it is self-moving, not requiring a temporary stage to place the machine on a slope or on water. The GRB SystemTM made this temporary work free construction possible through operating all machinery on piles.

Press-In technology has the following main advantages.

・No vibration and no noise
・Lightweight and compact
・No need for temporary work areas for construction (because work is performed on previously driven piles)
・Highly precise execution (because the force point is close to the toe of the pile)
・High safety (due to no risk of overturning in principle because of the firm grip on existing piles)


Furthermore, the Implant™ Structure, a structure of driven piles that have been pushed deep into the earth via press-in methods is characterised by its ability to withstand external forces like earthquakes and tsunamis. There are advantages in both the construction method and structure.

Contributing to Solving Global Societal Issues

Founded as a "company to control pollution", our company's starting point is in "solving societal issues". Since the birth of the SILENT PILER, press-in technology has continued to provide solutions for a variety of societal issues by leveraging its diverse advantages. Overcoming site constraints such as close proximity to residences and narrow spaces; building a strong infrastructure to protect lives from increasingly severe natural disasters; reducing construction costs and construction periods and carbon dioxide emissions through construction without temporary construction; and cutting-edge automated operation technology to address the shortage of skilled workers and improve productivity... Its usage expands year-by-year and is currently used in 40 countries and regions worldwide.

A Global Engineering Company That Changes Worldwide Construction Through Technological Development and Proposals

We are a fabless company with no production facilities, but if you ask if we solely specialise in technological development, the answer is no. Our company is expanding the market for our press-in technologies and robust and resilient Implant™ Structure by proposing and persuading countries, local governments, and private entities of their advantages.

Furthermore, we are promoting a comprehensive package spread that optimises the entire process from planning and design to execution and post-completion maintenance by collaborating with our group companies and partner enterprises. This is why we call ourselves a "Global Engineering Company".

Immeasurable Potential

Many construction projects around the world can only be done or streamlined with press-in technologies. The potential of its superiority is immeasurable.

However, the world is still unaware of these technologies.

That is why we continue to propose and improve technologies We firmly believe that a Construction Revolution lies beyond our efforts.

Countries with construction results using press-in technologies (as of December 2022)