Non-staging Method

Non-staging Method


The "Non-Staging Method" does away with temporary works during construction and overcomes various space restrictions. It employs the "GRB system™" in which all the equipment involved in press-in work advances along the top of the installled piles, which removes the need for wasteful temporary structures. Thus, work can be conducted in a rational way by focusing on the construction of just the wall structure, which is the original purpose.


Realising temporary work free construction

All the steps of press-in procedure are carried out on top of already installed piles, so temporary work platforms such as temporary piers are not required. This could not only reduce construction costs and periods but also significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Overcoming severe conditions that could not be dealt with by conventional methods

The compact size of the system makes it ideal for working in tight conditions, e.g. over water or on sloping ground.

Respectful of the surrounding area

The press-in method uses static load, so it creates hardly any noise or vibration. Also, the area affected by the press-in work is just the width of the machinery, thus protecting the surrounding area.