Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method

Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method


The "Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method" is a piling method for constructing a robust and rational continuous-pile wall by using immensely strong and durable tubular sheet piles (D600 mm to 1500 mm). This method is vibration- and noise-free, and has no risk of machines tipping over, thus enhancing safety and environmental friendliness.



Constructing robust wall structures

Tubular sheet piles are highly rigid, high-quality piling materials that are manufactured in factories. By installing them continuously, resilient wall structures can be constructed.

Respectful of the surrounding area

The Press-in method uses static load, so it hardly creates any noise or vibration. Also, the area affected by the press-in work is just the width of the machinery, thus minimising the impact on the surrounding area.

Significantly reduced construction costs

In this method, construction costs can be greatly reduced because no temporary works such as installation of temporary roads and piers are required and because of the minimal machinery and simple working procedures.