ECO Park™

Automated Parking Facility ECO Park™

The ECO Park is an automated car parking facility developed with the concept of "Culture Aboveground, Function Underground". With a compact entrance/exit booth ensuring minimal footprint aboveground, the ECO Park has an underground parking capacity of 50 or more cars. By accommodating parking spaces underground and creating a spacious space above the ground, we will further cultivate urban development in the future.

High-speed vehicle retrieval time - average of 32 seconds

The average vehicle delivery time is 32 seconds, which is unprecedently fast as a mechanical parking lot. As well as offering maximum convenience to users this also provides benefit to operators, minimising any requirement for waiting  and sorting facilities.

Effective utilisation of land with high capacity

The ECO Park accommodates cars underground. While parking 50 cars in a general flat car park requires a site of 1,000 square meters or more, the entrance/exit booth of the ECO Park occupies only about 1/30 of the land. Therefore, even in locations where it is difficult to secure a large lot of land, a high-capacity parking lot can be installed, and the land can be used effectively.

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