Social Media Guideline

1. Purpose

GIKEN Group uses social media to carry out its marketing and public relations activities, and to accumulate opinions of our group. When using social media, GIKEN Group understands and complies with this Social Media Guideline.

2. Understanding the Social Media

GIKEN Group understands in social media that there are numerous unspecified viewers with various backgrounds and circumstances, that information can never be entirely deleted once it is transmitted, and that disseminated information can impact society.

3. Guideline for the use of Social Media

GIKEN Group is keenly aware that the actions taken by our group in social media directly lead to the evaluation of the entire group. We are always conscious of our responsibilities and will respect the opinion of others.

・We will comply with laws, regulations, internal rules, including employment guidelines, and terms of use of each social media GIKEN Group participates in.
・We will not take any action that would undermine the reputation of others, such as unduly diminishing others.
・We will not violate any of the intellectual property rights and privacy rights of others.
We will comply with all obligations to maintain our customers, business partners, and others’ confidentiality.
We will handle personal information appropriately following our group’s information protection policy.
・We will not cooperate in any way with organizations or websites that promote the use of excessive tracking software, adware, malware, or spyware.

4. GIKEN Group’s Social Media Official Accounts



Giken America Corporation

Giken Europe B.V.

5. Compliance and Agreement Regarding Usages

Those who use social media in which GIKEN Group participates must observe and consent to the following matters.

・In the event that a user causes damage(s) to a third party when using this service, the user owes compensation for such damage(s) at his/her own responsibility and expense, and must settle the dispute via a third party.
・GIKEN Group shall not be liable for any damages caused to users resulting from use of this service, other than those resulting from our deliberate misconduct or gross negligence.
・In the event that a user breaches these Terms of Usage and causes damages to us, GIKEN Group is entitled to claim any damages inflicted by the user.
・GIKEN Group does not guarantee a response to all comments directed to our social media account. For comments, requests, and questions about us or our products, please contact us through our website.
・Due to the nature of social media, information posted therein is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Our official views and announcements can be found on our website and press releases. Please note that the information posted on social media is “as of at the time of announcement” and may be changed at a later time.
・GIKEN Group may omit the display of our registered trademark when we post on social media, but this does not mean we have waived our rights related to enforcing our trademarks.
As for copyright and trademarks right, please refer to the contents here.

6. Prohibited Matters

GIKEN Group believes that communication with users is essential. Still, when using our group’s social media account, we kindly ask that all users agree to these guidelines and refrain from the actions listed below. If your actions constitute any of the following, we may delete your post(s) and/or block your account.

Posting inappropriate content, including obscene expressions
Posting harmful programs
Content containing words reminiscent of secondary use of our trademark
Commercial acts and advertisement posts introducing products of other companies
Acts that are contrary to laws, ordinances, and public order and morals, including laws and regulations
Acts that infringe the rights of our group or third parties, such as copyrights and trademark rights
Acts that slanders specific individuals, companies, or countries or regions
Behavior impersonating others, including our group
Act of identifying, disclosing, or divulging personal information without the consent of the person
Acts that violate the terms of use of social media
Falsifying information provided through our social media accounts
Actions that harm our group, other users, or other third parties
Any other act and post that GIKEN Group determines to be inappropriate in light of our social media account’s purpose

7. How to Access Basic Info.

By registering with our official accounts (with Facebook page “Like!” button, with LinkedIn page “Follow” button, with YouTube’s “Subscribe” feature, or with LINE “Add” button), it shall be deemed that the user has agreed these Terms and that GIKEN Group is permitted to access the user’s public information (including user name, profile picture,  gender, network, ID, friends list, etc.).

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Guidelines shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and any dispute arising in connection with our Group Accounts shall be settled in the Osaka District Court as the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.

9. Changes to the Guidelines

GIKEN Group may change the guideline as necessary without prior notice to the user. Revised guidelines shall become effective from the time posted on GIKEN Group’s website.