President's Message

Solving the Problems of Society. That is where the GIKEN Group begins and ends.

We were founded in 1967 as a civil engineering company devoted to controlling construction pollution, and in 1975, we created the world’s first practical application of the press-in principle with the invention of our vibration-free, noise-free SILENT PILERTM pile press-in and extraction machine. Along with eliminating construction pollution, we also created the press-in industry, one which had never existed before. Since that time, using the advantage of the press-in principle, we have grown as the one and only company that can contribute to safe, secure urban development and solving a range of construction issues, such as reducing construction times and costs as well as CO2 emissions thanks to space-saving construction, temporary work-free construction, and construction with our ImplantTM Structure that grips the ground strongly enough to withstand earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. Our track record for press-in technology is seen in more than forty countries and regions, and I feel confident that the press-in industry is only going to expand further.

The strengths of the GIKEN Group are that we can provide total solutions for construction issues, rather than just selling machinery. We create proposals for project owners facing a range of different issues, from planning and design of structures to developing machines and parts, construction, and even maintenance after completion. In this process, we provide our users with GTOSSTM, the GIKEN Total Support System, which covers everything from machinery sales to technical guidance and maintenance support, standing behind them to ensure their projects are a success. We have gradually built up and solidified our overall optimal processes to expand the press-in industry.

This model, which has been a success in Japan, is now being rolled out overseas. In 2020, we were selected to work on repairing the embankments along the Canal Ring Area of Amsterdam, a World Heritage site. These repairs needed to preserve the beautiful streetscapes of the World Heritage site and the lifestyles of the local residents. As the world watched on, we ended up with by far the highest ratings among the sixteen groups making proposals, and signed an agreement with the city to work together. In July 2023, the pilot work using our newly developed electric press-in system was completed. The project owner and the local residents both expressed satisfaction, saying the work was done quickly and quietly. This track record is already impacting other projects in the area.

For nearly twenty years, I have been flying around the world, but nowhere have I found a construction technology that has as much superiority as press-in technology or brings as much added value. There are many places around the world where work cannot be started due to strict restrictions, and people’s lifestyles remain uncertain. As a development-oriented company, the GIKEN Group will continue to create new machinery and methods unlike any before, based around our press-in technology.

GX through the electrification and so on of machinery, rapid remaking of existing, aging infrastructure, the development of infrastructure such as disaster prevention structures or underground shelters that can be used effectively in increasingly intense disasters and emergencies, and DX for construction to deal with the reduced working-age population: our “Construction Revolution” to bring about a sustainable society, starting from dealing with construction pollution and solving a range of social issues that arise as the times change, is where the Group begins and ends; our mission.

The evolution of the GIKEN Group will not be stopped. Based on the GIKEN GOALS 2031: Creating the Future Through the Construction Revolution, our long-term roadmap showing where we must head to reach our future targets, we shall enter a phase where we make great leaps forward globally using the growth foundations we have already solidly built up as our launch pad. The Group shall continue to work as one and give our all to achieve our management policy of “Changing Worldwide Construction Through the Implant Method.”

President and CEO of GIKEN LTD.
Atsushi Ohira