Vision & Philosophy

Management Philosophy

  • Contribute to the world by creating original products and technologies that benefit society.
  • Create products and technologies suited to the needs of the users and deliver things of ever-increasing value to our customers.
  • Promote long-lasting prosperity through an honest conduct of business, based on sound ethical principles.
  • Promote greater profitability in any way we can for those who have provide their support to us and work together for our mutual prosperity.
  • Build up a strong organisation that definitely survives whatever hardship may confront and ensure long-lasting prosperity through the united efforts of the staff.
  • Encourage the staff to steadily enrich their human qualities to let their social standing advance and their assets increase altogether.

Business Philosophy

To Leave One's Mark

On repudiated Japanese swords, crafted by expertise, experience and know-how, the name of the wordsmith who made it is deeply engraved. The engravement shows that the sword was crafted by the master whose name is shown and the name is passed down from generation to generation forever. Our work should be equally as good a quality as a sword made by a reputed master. When each of us realises, as a member of an organisation, his/her own role and responsibility and sets out on the task with a definite goal and objective, they has made the first step to inscribe their signature on their job. It is very important to complete a job that you can say to others with pride and confidence, “This is a job I have done by myself.” Especially it is important for each GIKEN member to stand on their own and proudly proclaim as such.