Overhead Clearance Method

Overhead Clearance Method


The ”Overhead Clearance Method” is a dedicated press-in method for sites where overhead clearance is limited, such as under bridges and high-voltage power lines. Although such sites have been challenging to carry out pilling works, the "SILENT PILER™", a low-headroom press-in machine, is able to install various piles without requiring removal and restoration works of the upper obstructive structure. As a result, construction time and costs can be significantly reduced.



Outstanding press-in performance with limited space overhead

”SILENT PILER” is integrated with the lifting apparatus, which thoroughly compresses the machinery dimensions.

Quick construction without disturbing existing urban functions

The compactness of the system allows simultaneous operation of multiple machines and does not require removal and restoration of existing overhead structures, dramatically reducing the construction period.

Highly economical and environmentally-friendly

In this method, construction costs can be greatly reduced because no temporary works such as installation of temporary roads and piers are required and because of the minimal machinery and simple working procedures. Additionally, the press-in method uses static load so that it creates hardly any noise or vibration.