Environmentally Friendly Design

Standard Application of Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Our major product, SILENT PILER™, adopts the “PILER ECOTM Oil” and the “PILER ECOTM Grease”  as standard specifications. They are degraded by bacteria in natural environment. Hence, if hydraulic oil or grease is spilled to soil or water in any possibility, there will be no environmental damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

Clean Emission in Compliance with Off-Road / Non-Road Law

No risk of environmental damage.

The latest Power Unit model features an environmentally-friendly design, equipped with a new-gen diesel engine. It incorporates strict emission control concepts and our original hydraulic technology, ensuring high combustion efficiency. In addition, It conforms to the latest exhaust emission standards EEC97/68EC Stage IIIA and EPA/CARB Tier 3.

Satisfying Ultra-Low Noise Standard

The sound pressure level which is generated from the Power Unit is reduced down to 59dB when it is used under Eco Mode. It surpasses the Japanese national standard, 66dB.