River revetment protection wall renovation

2023.8.17 River


River revetment protection wall renovation

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


  • Temporary pier was eliminated by the Non-staging system to contract construction period and cost, and environmental load
  • Traffic of ships not hindered since there is no temporary pier was not installed in the river
  • Pre-cast cladding material was adopted for the river revetment protection wall
  • Restricted effect on the existing revetment protection wall by the pressing-in steel tubular piles with rotary cutting without producing augered soil

Press-in operation of steel tubular piles

Delivery of steel tubular piles by the PILE RUNNER™

Installation of pre-cast materials by the CLAMP CRANE™

Delivery of the pre-cast materials by the PILE RUNNER™

Construction completed

Construction machine usedGYRO PILER™ (GRAL1520),CLAMP CRANE™ (CB4-1),PILE RUNNER™ (PR1)
Type/Dimension67 steel tubular piles, dia. = 1,500 mm,
t = 15 - 18 mm, L = 22.5 m (jointed once)

Construction plan

Construction section

Soil boring log

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*Editing the image with permission obtained.