River renovation work

2023.8.17 River


River renovation work (securement of flow volume by excavating the river floor)

Suginami, Tokyo, Japan


・Press-in steel tubular piles with pile tip bits into sand and gravel layer (Equivalent N-value = 107)
・Construction restricting feeling of high-handedness and vibration/noise to minimum in a crowded residential area
・Reduction in construction period, using two sets of the Non-staging system

Construction machine usedGYRO PILER™ (GRV1026), CLAMP CRANE™ (CB4-1),
Type/Dimension169 steel tubular piles, dia.= 1,000 mm,
t = 10 -13 mm, L = 16.0 – 18.5 m

Construction section

Soil boring log


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*Editing the image with permission obtained.