Prevention of ground subsidence①

2023.8.17 Railway

Prevention of ground subsidence

Prevention work for the railway track settlement caused by a newly built road embankment (stress cutoff sheet pile wall)

Nanyo, Yamagata, Japan


・Safe construction adjacent to railway without risk of overturning, since light and compact piler grips already pressed-in sheet piles
・Construction with no noise/vibration in the surrounding living environment
・Reduction in construction period using two Pilers
・Press-in steel sheet piles into sand and gravel layer with an equivalent N-value of 71

Construction machine usedSUPERCRUSH™ SCU600M ×2
Type/Dimension355- type IIIw steel sheet piles,
L = 6.0 - 23.0 m (with no to single joint)

Construction plan

Construction section

Soil boring log

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*Editing the image with permission obtained.