River revetment protection wall for highway

2023.8.17 Road


River revetment protection wall for highway



・Restrain hindering traffics of ships that come to the adjacent Singapore port
・Conservation of surrounding environments by no noise/vibration construction
・Press-in operation of long steel tubular sheet piles with high precision
・Reduction in construction period using 2 SILENT PILERTM  for Tubular sheet pile model

Construction machine usedPP300
Type/Dimension1,166 steel tubular sheet piles, dia. 1.200 mm,
t = 15 - 19 mm, PP interlock, L = 28.0 - 43.9 m

Construction plan

Construction section

Overall view of Press-in operation site


Soil boring log

International Press-in Association (IPA) The Editorial Committee , Press-in retaining structures: a handbook First edition 2016
*Editing the image with permission obtained.