Specification of ECO Park™



Capacity50 Vehicles(Standard Spec.)
Operation MethodCard reader(Accepts Magnetic Strip Cards)
Average Vehicle Delivery Time32 Sec.

*For specification of M type, 50 vehicles|Depends on product specifications.

Accommodation Standard(type M)

Total widthMax. 1900 mm
Total width+side mirrorsMax. 2150 mm
Total HeightMax. 2000 mm
Total LengthMax. 5000 mm
WeightMax. 2200 kg

Accommodation Standard(type L)

Total widthMax. 2020 mm
Total width+side mirrorsMax. 2270 mm
Total HeightMax. 2300 mm
Total LengthMax. 5400 mm
WeightMax. 2500 kg

*ECO Park is a product certified under Japan's new Minister standards.
*Product specifications may change without notice.

Examples of vehicles that can be parked

The ECO Park can fit various types of passenger vehicles including sport cars, SUV, vans and wagons.

Construction Method

The Silent Piler, a virtually noise- and vibration-free hydraulic press-in machine

Press-in Method realises high-precision, environmentally friendly construction

The automated parking facility ECO Park is constructed by our proprietary technology Press-in Method.

The simple construction process enabled by the Press-in Method allows for completion of one unit in as short as six months. Integrated, compact machinery allows for construction in tight quarters, limiting impact on the surrounding environment and transportation networks and maximising cost-efficiency. Construction using SILENT PILER™ of GIKEN will minimise noise and vibration compared to conventional methods. This will allow construction to be done without disturbing the environment.

Functional Structure™ for easy relocation and reuse

"The right function for the right time."
The ECO Cycle is designed to be a "Functional Structure". Taking into consideration that bicycle parks may become unnecessary, it allows simple deconstruction and removal, leaving the environment in its original state. The materials removed can also be reused, contributing greatly to a sustainable society.

Certified under Japan's new Minister standards

The ECO Park is certified under Japan's new Minister standards.

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