Press-in machine that achieved vibration and noise-free piling for the very first time

The World's First 'Reaction-based' Hydraulic Pile Jacking Machine


Press-in machine that achieves pile-driving without vibration or noise.

The F series features a new modular design developed by optimising all the parts and drastically modifying the structure, shape, and material. Not only are the main component parts more versatile, it is also equipped with a cutting-edge control system, and realising high functionality and longer operation life.

SILENT PILER™ – Smart Model

Press-in machine that achieves high-speed, lightweight, and automation through scientific pursuit of principles by combining the latest technologies

SILENT PILER™ – Low Headroom Model

Press-in machine designed for restricted headroom situations

SILENT PILER™ – Zero Clearance Model

Press-in machine designed for close quarters construction situations


“SILENT PILER” is a registered trademark or trademark of GIKEN LTD. in the United States and other countries.