Implant™ Method Adopted for Use in River Bank Protection in Thailand

Ongoing use expected, with further expansion as a flood control measure throughout Southeast Asia

2022.11.2 NEWS RELEASE

The ImplantTM Method* developed by GIKEN LTD. (Head Office: Kochi-shi, Kochi; President: Shinnosuke Moribe; hereafter “GIKEN”), which uses SILENT PILERTM press-in and extraction machinery manufactured and sold by GIKEN, has been adopted for use in a river bank protection project in Thailand. Work on the Pa Sak River, which is one of the country’s major river systems, is currently underway.

A technical proposal by group company Giken Seisakusho Asia Pte., Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore; President: Yoshihisa Fujisaki; hereafter “Giken Seisakusho Asia”) to the client resulted in adoption of the press-in method and sales of machinery. Two characteristics of this method that were highly rated were vibration-free, noise-free construction, which minimizes the impact on the living environment of local residents, and the accuracy of construction.

Protection work will be conducted over a section of approximately 52 kilometers of the Pa Sak River that plays an important logistics role for the country. A section of approximately 2 kilometers is currently being worked on, with ongoing work also planned. GIKEN is providing onsite inspection tours and is making other efforts to promote the superiority of its press-in technologies to drive adoption of the method and increase machine sales.

Heavy rains lead to frequent riverine flooding across Southeast Asia, so many countries need to urgently adopt flood control measures as a matter of national policy. The main purpose of this current revetment project is to aid shipping on the river, with the ImplantTM Method creating resilient structures that mitigate flood damage to protect the lives, property, and culture of people living in the river’s catchment area. With this project also contributing considerably to the national resilience of Thailand , GIKEN is expecting a ripple effect to increase its use as a flood control measure in the other countries of Southeast Asia.

* The ImplantTM Method is a construction method that uses a press-in machine to press piles into the earth to create a highly resilient structure that is an integral part of the earth.

Composite image of the pilot work

■ Pa Sak River Project Details

The Pa Sak River is an important river for logistics that flows from the north of Thailand to the industrial area of Ayutthaya. Launched in 2015, the Pa Sak River Project involves dredging the river bed and constructing revetments, which are required to not only allow current cargo ships to continue operating on the river, but to open the river to even larger ships going forward. Steel sheet piles will be used to prevent damage to river banks from the dredging operations and to prevent river bank erosion expected from waves generated by movement of even larger vessels in the future. The plan is to construct revetments over a 52-kilometer section of the river until it merges with the Chao Phraya River in central Thailand.

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■Outline of Construction

Construction consists of a continuous double pile structure to create a resilient wall over a 2-kilometer section using 4,238 hat sheet piles measuring 15–21 meters in length by 900 millimeters in width. Where the wall is in close proximity to dwellings, or additional accuracy is required, 2,797 of the piles will be pressed in using the SILENT PILERTM F301-900.

■Selection Basis

Issues with the surrounding environment, accuracy, and construction period when using other construction methods
The vibration and noise of vibrating pile drivers were an issue that negatively impacted the living environment of local residents. Also, when using the vibrating pile drivers to install long piles, they had to be held at the top edge when driving into the earth. This made it difficult to direct the force straight down through the pile, and displacement of the tip of the piles increased. Time needed for construction management and corrective action consequently increased, and there were concerns about extending the overall construction period.

ImplantTM Method overcomes issues
The ImplantTM Method using SILENT PILERTM enables vibration-free, noise-free construction. With this method, piles are also held at a lower position and closer to the tip so that force is transmitted properly down the pile when pressing it into the earth. Displacement of the tip of the piles is less likely as well, which reduces the need for corrective action, making this method of construction highly accurate and fast.


■Future Expectations

Giken Seisakusho Asia opened its Thailand Representative Office in March 2021 in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Strong demand is forecast in Thailand for use of the ImplantTM Method for flood control and other purposes. With the Thailand Representative Office ideally positioned to identify local trends in real time, Giken Seisakusho Asia is successfully driving adoption of this construction method. Spurred on by this project, the company will not only expand its presence in Thailand through ongoing collection and sharing of information, but will also increase its awareness in neighboring countries facing similar issues. In this way it will strive to help realize the GIKEN Group goals of an “overseas sales ratio of 70%” and “100 billion yen in annual sales by the August 2031 fiscal year.”

■Project Summary

Project NameEmbankment to protect riverbank to increase transportation efficiency
LocationAyutthaya, Thailand
Project OwnerMinistry of Transport
Prime ContractorNawarat Patanakarn public Company Limited
ContractorThai Fullmore
EquipmentSILENT PILERTM F301-900 press-in with water jetting
Specification of Pile Materials4,238 hat sheet piles
(900 mm in width, 15–21 m in length, including 2,797 press-in piles)
Press-in construction periodJun 2022 to March 2023

■Profile of GIKEN Group
GIKEN developed the SILENT PILERTM, the world's first reaction-based hydraulic pile jacking machine, installing piles with no noise and vibration. GIKEN Group now actively promotes the Press-in Technology worldwide and contributes to the construction industry by proposing and implementing innovative solutions. The innovative technology of press-in provides a unique solution and the adoption of this technology has grown to more than 40 nations and regions.

Contact Information:
International Business Department
TEL: +81-3-3528-1633 (weekdays: 8:30 to 17:30)
Tokyo Head Office: 16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, 135-0063, Japan