Software for Better Press-in Piling Efficiency

All the know-how that GIKEN has accumulated is aggregated into different software to improve project management, equipment management and promotion. The following software will improve your business activities.

PPT System TM

Improves on-site productivity by integrating superiority of press-in method with ICTs

This integrated system automatically optimizes press-in conditions in real time by estimating ground information from Data obtained during pile installation, contributing to labor saving and productivity improvement at construction sites.

Press-in Monitoring System

Proves accurate construction diagnostics by extracting information related to pressed-in piles

Press-in monitoring data for each single pile, such as press-in force, auger torques and press-in time, is available for scientific analysis. Such data can be linked to borehole data to optimise operation settings for each ground condition. Proper decision can be made in case of any change in soil strata or presence of any underground obstacle.

GTOSSTM e-Learning System

Provides press-in related online learning on an optimal schedule

An online system that allows you to learn various knowledge and techniques directly connected to the day-to-day press-in work.

Piler Simulator

Various functions enabling efficient training on press-in machine operation

“The Piler Simulator” is the software can simulate press-in machine operation on personal computer.