GIKEN recognized as “2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations"

Enhancing healthy company environment and promoting health literacy of employees

2022.4.26 NEWS RELEASE

 GIKEN LTD. (Head Office: Kochi City, President: Shinnosuke Moribe) has received certification as a company implementing excellent health and productivity management practices, and has been recognized as a "2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization” (Large enterprise category) on March 9th.  The recognition program highlights companies engaged in efforts to the advance health and productivity environment, and is jointly administrated annually by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi*.

Based on our Health Management Declaration and Health Management Philosophy, and under a promotion system supervised by the top management, we are implementing a wide variety of initiatives to promote employee health maintenance and improve work-life balance.

The physical and mental health of employees is the foundation of corporate management, individual performance, and above all, the happiness of every employee. We will continue to promote health management by raising awareness among employees and improving the workplace environment to become an attractive company where employees can work with peace of mind.

※Please refer to the announcement from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announcement on March 9th, 2022 for more details. (

■Outline of Recognition Program

The recognition program was established by METI in 2017 under a system to highlight corporations that consider employee health management from a managerial perspective and are making strategic efforts. There are two categories: the large enterprise and the small and medium enterprise categories. GIKEN was recognized as the “2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (large enterprise category)”.

■Health Management of GIKEN Group

In 2020, the Health Management Declaration and the Health Management Philosophy were established in GIKEN and publicly announced. In 2021, a promotion system* with President as the head was composed. The director in charge, General Affairs Department, the Safety and Health Committee, industrial physicians, the Health Insurance Association, and the Health Management Project Team work together to promote health management.

※Please refer our website in Japanese for more details of this activity.

[Health and Productivity Management Declaration]
To be a company where employees are physically and mentally healthy and can demonstrate their best performance.

[Health Management Philosophy]
・We aim to improve the health awareness of each and every employee!
・We promote the establishment of a workplace environment for employees to work energetically!

Major Initiatives

1. Measures against infectious diseases
GIKEN has participated in the workplace vaccination program for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and provided vaccination to all desired applicants. We have also introduced a special leave system that allows employees to take leave when side effects occur or when family members need to be cared for. In addition, employees are also entitled to secure time for Influenza vaccines within working hours.

2. Promoting remote work
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, GIKEN has actively promoted remote work as part of  "new normal for GIKEN" that realizes an innovative working style together with measures against COVID-19. In 2020, we initiated a "working from home allowance." The allowance is aimed to bear the increased expense at homes, such as utilities and communication expenses, and facilitates working from home. Currently, the working from home implementation rate in GIKEN is more than 60% (excluding divisions where remote work is not possible, such as employees at factories and construction site workers). Remote work promotion reduces the stress of the commute. It increases family time, the time spent with families, and spending on hobbies and exercises results in advancing mental and physical health.

3. Improving health literacy
To enhance employee’s ability to understand and utilize correct health information, we distribute our own health support handbook and email magazine. In addition, to heighten health awareness daily, a calorie table for beverages is attached to vending machines in the company.

4. Improving Mental Health
GIKEN conducts stress checks on all employees. A consultation desk is established where employees and employee families can receive professional counseling for free.

5. Promoting flexible working styles and reductions in overtime hours
GIKEN introduces staggered working hours, and half-day paid leave to promote a flexible working style. Each Friday is designated as No-overtime Day. Reducing overtime working hours is defined as an evaluation item for employees.

6. Increasing health awareness at the office
To establish the habit of moving the body, we have introduced a room with a balance ball and a standing desk. A space with an artificial lawn on the floor provides a different atmosphere from the usual desk, and employees can refresh. In the multi-purpose room in the Kochi head office, we also promote the greening of offices, and multiple plants are placed. These approaches provide a relaxing effect, and improvement in operational efficiency and productivity can be expected.

■Future aspirations

We plan to hold training and online seminars on health issues specific to men and women and health literacy in the future. Employees are an irreplaceable asset of GIKEN. We will continue to strategically implement employee health management, the foundation of sustainable corporate growth.

※The term "Health and Productivity Management" is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Profile of GIKEN Group
GIKEN developed the SILENT PILER, the world’s first reaction-based hydraulic pile jacking machine, installing piles with no noise and vibration. GIKEN Group now actively promotes the Press-in Technology worldwide and contributes to the construction industry by proposing and implementing innovative solutions. The innovative technology of press-in provides a unique solution and the adoption of this technology has grown to more than 40 nations and regions.

Contact Information:
International Business Department
TEL: +81-3-3528-1633 (weekdays: 8:30 to 17:30)
Tokyo Head Office: 16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, 135-0063, Japan