Waterproof Method that Enables to Build Waterproof Wall between Tubular piles Newly Developed by the Gyropress Method

26 Jul 2017 NEWS RELEASE

Gikenseko (Corporate office in Kochi, president: Atsushi Ohira), one of the group companies of GIKEN (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura), newly developed a waterproof method for allowing high water tightness walls by adopting *Gyropress Method by using small-diameter steel tubes and special mortar jackets to fill out the gaps with mortar between tubular piles.

To build water proof walls required for constructions such as bridge foundations, tubular and sheet piles are mainly used. However, in the case of hard ground or ground including  obstacles in underground, construction is not proceeding smoothly and eventually becomes a large-scale construction with excess  costs and time.

Under the newly developed waterproof method, firstly two small-diameter tubular piles are pressed into the gap between two adjacent tubular piles built by the Gyropress MethodⓇ[1], then a mortar jacket is inserted in the space enclosed by small and large tubular piles. Water tightness can be obtained by filling mortar into this jacket. Owing to this technology, it became possible to build economically superior waterproof walls with little effects on the surrounding environment smoothly and safely.

We will continue proceeding new technology developments in accordance of the  times’ needs as well as to satisfy the increasing demand in the redevelopment of urban areas, and further strongly promoting “Construction Revolution” which  contributes to future-oriented urban regeneration project aiming at the symbiosis with global environment and civilized society.

[1] Gyropress MethodⓇ: Construction method of penetrating into hard ground or ground without removing obstacles such as existing underground structures by adopting rotary cutting press-in tubular pile with rotary cutting bits into ground. Note that the Gyropress Method is a collaborative development by GIKEN and Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Co., Ltd.

Newly developed waterproof method between piles

Construction of waterproof walls by the Gyropress Method

Gaps between tubular piles closed with small-diameter steel tubes and concrete mortar

Verification of surely Waterproof performance after drainage

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