Road Disaster Restoration Work by the Silent Piler in Chin State, Myanmar

08 Aug 2017 NEWS RELEASE

In January 2017, as the equipment procurement for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in the Official Development Assistance(ODA) program, GIKEN (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura) shipped out to Myanmar a hydraulic pile press-in/extraction machine called Silent Piler F111 and machinery materials of the GRB system that can deliver piles to the Silent Piler and install them. By the equipment shipped to Myanmar, the road disaster restoration work started on 1 May 2017 was completed on 2 June 2017, took only for a month.

The Chin State located in mountain area experienced an enormous damage by the torrential rain in July 2015. Collapse of slope foot on roads connecting the towns of Falam and Hakha was very serious, and the road width had to be secured by a temporary measure of cutting earth (construction to cut high grounds and slopes to make the ground surface flatter). However, since it was difficult to keep two-way traffic in some areas, this construction work by the Silent Piler was decided to carry out.

Because the ground condition on the construction site was hard including rock layers, Silent Piler F111 which is capable to press-in piles into hard ground was chosen to operate. Also because of the construction would be done on the only community road for residents, multi-requirements such as traffic restriction free, safe operation without danger of machine’s turning over, and small impact on environments were concerned. Temporary work free construction with GRB system was also adopted since those required conditions could be covered with high standard. Other disaster restoration construction sites with other methods caused a long term traffic restriction. Our method of GRB system provided smooth construction without any traffic restrictions, and admiration was heard from the residents, “This is a very smart way with stress-free.”

Construction this time was completed by a month short construction period by the engineers from the Ministry of Construction of Myanmar who had attended a press-in technology seminar held in April 2017. Going forward,  engineers in Myanmar being as operators, and Silent Piler F111 and GRB system are planned to be made use for  infrastructure maintenance projects all over Myanmar. Starting with this opportunity, contribution to the fields of disaster prevention measures and infrastructure maintenance to people in Myanmar, and also further diffusion of our Implant Method are expected,

[Basic information]
Project name: Maintenance work of road construction equipment in Kachin and Chin States of Myanmar
Project objective: Road reinforcement measure works(Slope collapses of main road due to torrential rain)
Location: Chin State of Myanmar
Construction period: 1 May to 2 June 2017
Press-in Method: Hard ground Press-in method, Non-staging method
Machine used: F111 Super Crush Mode, CB-1B, UR3, and PR1
Type of sheet piles: Type IV
Dimension of sheet piles: L=7.5 m (112 sheets), L=11.5 m (86 sheets)