Receiving Orders of New Silent Piler Compatible with Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method Started

16 Jan 2018 NEWS RELEASE

GIKEN (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura) developed a new model of pollution-free press-in machine “Silent Piler F401-P1200” eligible to handle the Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method, and started receiving orders in January 2018.

Steel Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method is a construction method that continuously pressing tubular sheet piles with static load hydraulically into ground for the case of wall requested with large section performance such as harbor or great depth constructions. Using a press-in machine self-moving on existing piles, implant structure walls with high strength are able to be built safely and economically in space-saving manner.

This construction method has been promoted with accumulated construction performances by the companies recognized by the GTOSS memberships including Gikenseko, one of the group companies of GIKEN. Meanwhile, adopting this construction method at the site of renovation and reinforcement constructions for seawalls with growing demand of disaster prevention was gradually expanded as well as perfection of construction method was improved and stepped into the stage of standardization. Under such circumstances, a new press-in machine, F401-P1200 thus has been developed, and receiving orders has started. Delivery of the products is scheduled to be started from July 2018.


The Silent Piler F401-P1200 is capable to handle steel tubular sheet piles with diameters of 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm (optionally available for sheet piles with diameters of 900 and 1,100 mm). It is standard equipped “modular design” common to the F-series, “G-terminal” acquiring real-time press-in data while the construction is implemented, and a remote system “New GIKEN IT system” which obtains location, maintenance, and operation information and stores such data automatically into its designated server. It can therefore give out the stable superior machine performance and make significant contribution work efficiently.

By this new developed machine, we actively expand the adopt expansion of the steel tubular sheet pile Press-in Method being able to build tough and rational retaining wall , and promote further accelerated adoption of Implant structures in the project of earthquake, tsunami, flood control as well as social deteriorated infrastructures regeneration and enhancement project.

High-tide measure work by the Steel Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method

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