Renovation of the quay at the port of Dakar in Senegal Gyropress Method was adopted for an ODA project.

First order received in the African continent. Provision package from construction method proposals to materials and construction

29 May 2019 NEWS RELEASE

GIKEN SEKO CO., LTD. (Corporate office in Kochi, President: Atsushi Ohira), a group company of GIKEN LTD. (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura) have received an order for the repair of quays using the “Gyropress Method” for an ODA project at the port of Dakar, in the Republic of Senegal. The construction is scheduled to begin at the end of July this year.

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is the gateway to the interior West African countries and is also known as the end-point of the Paris-Dakar rally. The annual volume of cargo handled by Dakar Port for inland transportation is expected to increase by around 1.7 times in the next seven years from 2015. However, the third wharf is deteriorating significantly and safety of cargo handling is hindered by its collapse and sinking. In addition, large vessels are unable to arrive at the ports due to the shallow depth of the quay. Therefore, this ODA project aims to achieve safe and efficient cargo handling and to expand activities to neighbouring Mali, via the port of Dakar, by renovating the third wharf.

With regard to this ODA project, GIKEN SEKO has proposed a construction method based on its track record of quay renovation work at Nagasaki Port and other ports in Japan, using the Gyropress Method. They secured the first package of material supply and construction overseas. In particular, the following benefits of the technique are:

① Large-scale work vessels are not required, so it will be possible to berth and unload vessels during construction.
② The impact from piling to existing structures will be extremely small.
③ Tubular Pile Press-in will be possible without the need for driving assistance (sand replacement, etc.) even in hard ground. In addition, interlock members (small-diameter tubular piles) for preventing the escape of retained ground are able to be pressed-in.
④ It is a high-quality Japanese construction technology.

In this construction project, simultaneous construction by the two SILENT PILERTM F401-G1200 will allow rotary cutting press-in of 299 tubular piles (1000mm) and 299 small-diameter tubular pile (318.5mm) for a total period of seven months, thereby promptly improving port and harbor functions. In addition, GIKEN SEKO will supply approximately 2,800 tons of piles needed from our group company, J Steel Group Pty Limited. This is the first time that GIKEN SEKO will be awarded an order for press-in work on the continent of Africa.

The GIKEN Group’s long-term vision is “to increase the proportion of overseas sales to 70% of total sales.” This project in West Africa, which is experiencing remarkable economic growth, will be the first overseas example in which we demonstrate superiority of our construction methods. This is in response to increased demand for port development worldwide, where we provide materials and construction packages based upon our Group capabilities.

Construction image of Gyropress Method at the Port of Dakar

■Project overview

Project name                            : The Project for renovation of Dakar Port No. 3 Wharf
Types of ODA                           : Grant Assistance
Construction site                     : Dakar Province, Dakar State, Republic of Senegal
Employer                                   : Dakar Port Authority (Port Autonome de Dakar: PAD)
Prime contractor                     : TOA CORPORATION
Builder                                       : GIKEN SEKO CO., LTD.
Overall construction period   : January 11, 2019 to May 31, 2021 (29 months)
Press-in construction period : End of July 2019 to end of June 2020 (including 7  months)

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