Japan Society of Civil Engineers publishes report on Gyropress Method™

26 May 2021 NEWS RELEASE

Japan Society of Civil Engineers (“JSCE”) created and published a report on Gyropress Method entitled “Technical Evaluation for the Design and Construction Method for Rotary Press-in Piling Method (Gyropress Method)”.

JSCE is currently promoting the international expansion of Japanese construction technologies. In the midst of demands for innovative technologies, Gyropress Method™ was highly evaluated as a unique technology that can be expected to play an active role worldwide. GIKEN is honored with this publication. We expect the report would substantiate the validity of the Gyropress Method and support the further expansion of the methodology worldwide.

■ Supporting document for promotion activities
The report includes that “Bearing Capacity Evaluation Formula “, which estimates the bearing capacity of piles installed by Gyropress Method™ and appropriately reproduces the loading test results that actually apply a load to check the bearing capacity of the pile.

In many cases, design companies request to explain the theoretical certification of the bearing capacity of the piles. In these events, doing so, we can by presenting the Certificate of Technical Assessment and report by the JSCE as influential reference material. We can also expect to promote the use of construction methods as we actively propose Gyropress Method™ to our contractors.

※This evaluation formula is based on the concept stipulated in the “Highway Bridge Statement “of the Japan Road Association, which stipulates technical standards for roads and elevated roads.

JSCE issued a technical evaluation certificate and a report in March last year in Japanese. Both the technical assessment and the preparation of this English version were commissioned by the Japan Press-in Association (JPA) to JSCE. The evaluation was conducted by the Technical Evaluation Committee (chaired by Masanori Hamada, Honorary Professor at Waseda University), which is made up of six experts specializing in earthquakes and ports, roads, railways and piles.

Gyropress MethodTM
This method using the Gyro PilerTM, installs piles by rotation with the assistance of cutting ring bits attached to the pile toe. The Gyropress Method™ can accomplish regeneration and reinforcement works without removing existing underground structures, directly installing materials which will eventually fulfill both foundation and structural roles. Construction works can be completed more efficiently and to the highest quality, with minimal negative impact to the surrounding environment or disruption to economic activities.

In disaster prevention, disaster mitigation and infrastructure projects, there are many cases of construction in confined spaces with surrounding infrastructure in close proximity. The Gyropress Method™ resolves these issues through new concepts in construction method and design, enabling the installation of tubular piles without the need to remove existing underground structures. The adoption of this method is increasing globally as a construction method that can reduce both construction time and construction cost while satisfying site constraints.

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