Construction of Giken Europe’s new factory and office building completed

25 Sep 2020 NEWS RELEASE

A group company of Giken Ltd. (Head Office: Kochi, President: Akio Kitamura), Giken Europe B.V. (Head Office: Almere, The Netherland’s, President: Shinnosuke Moribe), has refurbished its head office and factory facilities and has commenced operation as of 30th July, 2020.

Giken Europe, established in the Netherlands in 1991, was the first overseas subsidiary for the Giken Group. In 2019, Giken’s London office was consolidated with the Almere facility.
Along with a new office building and a new factory facility, Giken Europe will continue to expand as a global engineering company.

To tailor to the anticipated increase in demand, the new factory is 1.8 times larger than its predecessor. This will allow for efficient handling of the Giken Silent Piler equipment and our large rotary cutting press-in GyroPiler™, currently being introduced to the European market. It will also act as an exhibition space to promote and display the latest developments in Giken technologies and equipment, along with facilities for presentations, maintenance and operator skills training. This approach aligns with Giken’s expansion in Japan, which is the Global “press-in training center”, operating from the Kansai factory.

■ Features of the new facility
The new factory is equipped with three cranes with a lifting height of 10m and a maximum rated load of 30 tonnes for handling of the Gyro Piler™.

Giken's New Factory

・Centralized management
Rental machine and spare parts will be centrally managed for efficient distribution throughout Europe.

・Exhibition Space
An exhibition space is available to promote and display the latest in Giken technologies and equipment. This space will allow customers to witness the technology firsthand as well as meet with Giken’s expertise staff.

■Training Facility
The seminar room is established in the new office building, is to be the center of education and training in for the European market. Giken Europe will organize seminars and workshops for local engineers and employees on the Press-In methodology. Training on machine operation and maintenance will be held in the new factory. Our objective is to educate the market with the knowledge cultivated throughout Giken’s 52 year life in Japan.

seminar room

With the effects of Climate Change becoming more evident, there is considerable focus on developing sustainable infrastructure for disaster prevention and mitigation globally. The Giken Group anticipates significant demand for Implant Method infrastructure installation, given the ability to rapidly construct resilient structures with minimal environmental impact. An excellent example of this was demonstrated in May of this year, when Giken Europe was awarded first place in the Innovation Partnership Quay Wall Project (IPK) with the City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Giken technology will be utilised for canal bank repair work in the World Heritage Canal in Amsterdam city. We will continue to strive for success in larger projects related to the Delta Works Program of the Dutch Government.

#1 Delta Program : A program aimed at sustainable flood risk management in the Netherlands. An annual average of approximately 1.3 billion euros is planned for infrastructure investment by 2032, including levees’ reinforcement.

Dutch Almere Headquarters Outline of expansion works

Facility nameGiken Europe B.V. Almere Office and Factory
AddressDamsluisweg 13, 1332 EA Almere, The Netherlands
Building areaNew factory space 2,811 ㎡
Existing factory space: 1,522 ㎡
New office building (2-story): 342 ㎡ (Total usable floor area: 611 ㎡)
Total investment valueApprx. 9 million Euros
Construction commencementOctober 2019
CompletionJuly 2020
Contact Information:
International Business Department
TEL: +81-3-3528-1633 (weekdays: 8:30 to 17:30)
Tokyo Head Office: 16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, 135-0063, Japan