GIKEN and AKTIO Corporation enter Rental Business Alliance

Major step toward achieving sales of 100 billion yen in 10 years and high expectations of accelerating customer development

12 May 2022 NEWS RELEASE

GIKEN LTD. (Head Office: Kochi City, President: Shinnosuke Moribe) concluded a rental business alliance with AKTIO Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Mitsuo Konuma). AKTIO Corporation is one of the leading construction equipment rental companies in the industry. GIKEN recognizes this business alliance as a major step toward sales to 100 billion yen in 10 years, as outlined in our Mid-term Management Plan 2024. We will leverage AKTIO’s broad network to accelerate the development of new customers and establish the supply structure of Press-in machinery to respond to the rising demand.

AKTIO deals with various construction companies and specialty contractors through a proposal-based construction equipment rental service called “Rensulting and will be a strong partner for GIKEN in customer development. GIKEN aims to expand users by utilizing the various channels of AKTIO, and AKTIO aims to expand its business by adding SILENT PILERTM to its product lineup. The synergistic effect of this business alliance shall further advance the “Construction Revolution” and create a new era of construction.

※The term “Rensulting” is a coinage combining “consulting” and “rental” originated by AKTIO, a consultation service added to its rental business. It proposes the optimum machines according to the construction site and provides professional advice such as know-how.

■Overview of the Business Alliance

GIKEN will sell general-purpose machines (standard Press-in machines and hard-ground Press-in machines) to AKTIO and work together to develop customers. We will also provide know-how on maintenance, on-site technology, sales engineering, and support AKTIO’s Rensulting.

■Customer Development

By utilizing the wide-area sales network of AKTIO, we aim for customers who have never seen Press-in technologies before to experience its value. Our existing customers are just a few portions of the many specialty contractors AKTIO deals with. By renting the Press-in machines, we believe it will lead to new business opportunities. Furthermore, the penetration of the Press-in technology to new customers will also be a tailwind to broaden the range of customers in various construction fields.

■ Future steps of the business alliance

To swiftly expedite this business alliance, GIKEN will lend the Tokyo Factory (Location: Adachi-Ku, Tokyo) from May as an activity base. We will provide training to engineers with maintenance and operation techniques for operators.

We plan to have AKTIO develop the grounds for a wide-area business operation and gradually increase the number of rental machines. In conjunction with the commencement of rental operations, we will collaborate on customer acquisition activities.

■ Future expectations

AKTIO has seven overseas group companies in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia and conducting global expansion. The group company of GIKEN, Giken Seisakusho Asia Pte., Ltd. (Head office: Singapore, President: Yoshihisa Fujisaki), has concluded a designated factory contract with AKTIO PACIFIC Pte., Ltd., (Head office: Singapore, President: Koichi Chiba).

We expect to expand the Rensulting of Press-in machines at AKTIO’s overseas companies and expand users worldwide. We look into close association with AKTIO as a partner to realize the long-term vision of 70% of total group sales overseas.

Company Profile of AKTIO Corporation

Trade NameAKTIO Corporation
LocationAsahi Bldg. 7F, 3-12-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan
RepresentativeMitsuo Konuma, Chairman and CEO
Business DetailsConstruction machinery rental services
Date establishedJanuary 10, 1967
Capital500 million yen
Main Branches19 locations nationwide, including Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, and Fukuoka
Sales Offices 425 locations nationwide
Factories and Centers156 locations nationwide

■Profile of GIKEN Group
GIKEN developed the SILENT PILER, the world’s first reaction-based hydraulic pile jacking machine, installing piles with no noise and vibration. GIKEN Group now actively promotes the Press-in Technology worldwide and contributes to the construction industry by proposing and implementing innovative solutions. The innovative technology of press-in provides a unique solution and the adoption of this technology has grown to more than 40 nations and regions.

Contact Information:
International Business Department
TEL: +81-3-3528-1633 (weekdays: 8:30 to 17:30)
Tokyo Head Office: 16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, 135-0063, Japan