Press-In in the heart of New York City

04 Sep 2019 NEWS RELEASE

Giken’s Silent Piler F401-1400 has completed work for a basement excavation in the heart of New York City. The project was to accommodate a subterranean boiler facility and was designed by Giken America’s collaborative partner Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE).

Steel Pile driving equipment retains a reputation in the USA for being noisy, vibratory and disruptive. The Colombia Street site was in a South-East Manhattan residential neighborhood with schools and condominiums in the immediate vicinity. The project was initially designed using a soil-mix method in part due to New York city requirements that foundation construction works undertaken within 15 meters of an existing structure employ low vibration, low noise methods.

Giken America put forward a Value Engineering proposal for a steel sheet pile wall utilizing the low vibration, low noise, confined access Press-in Method. The proposal offered reductions in both construction time and cost, and resulted in the first application of the Press-in Method in residential New York City.

Giken America supplied the Silent Piler F401-1400 in Super Crush mode as well as technical, operative and instructive personnel to the Contractor, Peterson Geotechnical Construction LLC.

The project was an excellent opportunity to prove the superiority of the Press-In method and raise awareness of Silent Piler applications for residential and built up areas. Giken America continue to actively to promote Press-in methodologies and look forward to continuing the collaboration with MRCE to provide new and innovative construction solutions to the North American market.

Giken America’s F401-1400 in action in NYC

Aerial View

■ Project Summary

Location: 83-89 Columbia Street, New York, NY
Prime Contractor: AM & G WATERPROOFING LLC
Contractor: Peterson Geotechnical Construction LLC
Equipment: 1 Silent Piler F401-1400
Sheet Pile Models/ Dimensions: Z Sheet Pile ZZ26-700, L=50ft (15.2m), n=77 sheets
Duration: Mid-Jul. to mid-Aug. 2019



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