How to use ECO Park™

How to use

With simple operation, anyone can use it with confidence.

Deposit Operation

Retrieval Operation

There are 2 ways to read cards.

Fast retrieval with an average of 32 seconds

Vehicles can be retrieved with an average of 32 seconds※ The prompt retrieval greatly reduces waiting time and congestion.

※For specification of M type, 50 vehicles|Depends on product specifications.

High design safety

Sensors and monitoring camera that check the whole deposit/retrieval booth are set up to ensure safety.

Guidance Display(Above Entry Door)Displays message for easy use
Entry Detection SensorDetects passage of people and vehicles into/out of the booth for proper use.
MonitorMonitoring camera set inside the booth will provide users with live visual images of booth.
Motion DetectorsIf motion detector detects any movement inside the booth, operation will be halted.
Earthquake Detection Sensors (Underground)An earthquake exceeding 100 gals will trigger an automatic halt to protect the vehicle.
Guide MirrorCheck the position and angle of vehicle with the front guide mirror to stop the car at an appropriate place.

Operation methods(video)

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