Construction of new factory and office building at our Netherlands Head Office begins as part of business expansion in the European Market

2019.7.17 NEWS RELEASE

Group Company of Giken Ltd. (Head Office: Kochi, President & CEO: Akio Kitamura), Giken Europe B.V. (President: Alec Courts; hereinafter Giken Europe ), is working to further expand its business and strengthen capabilities in the European market by refurbishing its head office and factory facilities in Almere City, Netherlands.

The Giken Group is expanding its international infrastructure to support the long-term vision of an overseas sales rate of 70% of total Group sales. Giken Europe, established in the Netherlands in 1991 was the first overseas subsidiary for the Giken Group and will become the centre for acceleration of business expansion in Europe. Giken’s London office has been consolidated with the Almere facility and along with a new office building, works are underway to construct a new factory facility 1.8 times larger than the existing facility

In hand with broader growth activities, Giken Europe last year concluded a collaboration agreement with Dutch construction company Gebr. De Koning to further the adoption of Giken Implant Methods and Press-In techniques in the Dutch market. We are actively promoting solutions for large-scale projects such as Quaywall renovation using the Gyropress installation method, and reinforcement of embankments based on Delta Program#1 requirements.

To cater for the anticipated increase in demand the new factory will be equipped with two cranes with a lift height of 10 meters and load rating capacity to 30 tons. This will allow for efficient handling of the Giken Silent Piler equipment and will cater for our large rotary cutting press-in GyroPiler, currently being introduced to the European market.

The expanded facilities will enhance the efficiency of spare parts distribution throughout Europe and support the existing maintenance functions for Giken piling machines. An exhibition space to promote and display the latest in Giken technologies and equipment will feature, along with facilities for presentations, and maintenance and operator skills training. The new facilities will be the centre for educational and logistics support for Press-In business in Europe.

Image of the completed Almere Head Office

Plan View

With the effects of global climate change becoming more evident, and with the Fourth United Nations Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters held in New York on 24 June releasing ‘Principles on Investment and Financing for Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction’ there is considerable focus on the development of sustainable infrastructure for disaster risk reduction and mitigation in Europe and elsewhere. The Giken Group anticipate significant demand for Implant Method infrastructure installation given the ability to rapidly construct resilient structures with minimal environmental impact.

#1 Delta Program: A program aimed at sustainable flood risk management in the Netherlands. An annual average of approximately 1.3 billion euros is planned for infrastructure investment by 2032, including the reinforcement of levees.

■ Examples of Press-In projects currently being undertaken by Giken Europe

Renovation of quaywalls in Berlin, Germany

Construction of a new subway tunnel in Göteborg, Sweden

■Dutch Almere Headquarters Outline of expansion works
・Facility name           : Giken Europe B.V.  Almere Office and Factory
・Address                    : Damsluisweg 13, 1332 EA Almere, The Netherlands
・Building area            :New factory space                           2,811 m2
                                         Existing factory space                     1,522 m2
                                         New office building (2-story)              342 m2 (Total usable floor area: 611 m2)

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