J Steel Group Pty Limited became our group company

2017.12.13 NEWS RELEASE

As publicized in the “Notice on the stock acquisition of the J Steel Group Pty Limited” on 17 November 2017, GIKEN Ltd. (Corporate office in Kochi, CEO: Akio Kitamura) completed the stock acquisition of the J Steel Group Pty Limited (hereinafter as to J Steel) on 13 December 2017.

Objective of stock acquisition
J Steel was established in 2007 to sell steel construction materials for foundation and structural works in the South Pacific region including Australia. Since its establishment, their service domains has been expanding while emphasizing engineering design, installation/assembly and project management. In addition, considering that high-quality information of overseas projects, relationship with related companies, sale networks, and material procurement ability from all over the world J Steel owns will surely contribute to future global expansion of our company, and that management resources J Steel owns will complement functions of our company group and give strong incentives to the promotion of globalization, acquisition of this stock was finalized.

・Overview of J Steel

1) Name of entityJ Steel Group Pty Limited
2) LocationLevel 23, 207 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
3) Name and position of representativePresident, Anthony Bertrams
4) Business descriptionPurchase/sale of steel construction materials, design and construction
5) CapitalAUD$2,000,000 (JPY173,000,000)
6) Date of establishment3 August 2016 (founded on 28 February 2007)
7) Large shareholders and their ratios of shareholdingGIKEN Ltd. 50.10%
Bertrams Trading Pty Limited 19.47%
PAKEFX Pty Limited 10.00%

Future prospect
Mr. Anthony Bertrams was elected as a president of J Steel at the company’s general meeting of stock holders on 28 November 2017. He was also elected as managing director (for overseas business) at the executive board meeting held on the same date. We believe this helps our Implant Method to be promoted globally even more strongly than before. At the same time, based on our company group’s management policy to change world construction by the Implant Method, we will make any possible effort to build the total package with J Steel, to strengthen the business expansion mainly in the Asia and Oceania region, and to enhance the company value.