New SILENT PILER™ F112 Improves Construction Efficiency on Hard Ground

Successor to F111 type for 400 mm U sheet piles

2023.4.27 NEWS RELEASE

GIKEN LTD. (Head Office: Kochi-shi, Kochi; President: Shinnosuke Moribe; hereafter “GIKEN”) will begin selling the new SILENT PILER™ F112 press-in and extraction machine from May. Modified to increase torque transmission efficiency, this new model comes equipped with a flywheel-type pile auger*1 as standard to increase construction efficiency on hard ground. The F112 was developed as the successor to the F111 model designed for 400 mm U sheet piles (with specifications for hard ground*2).

The Hard Ground Press-in Method is being increasingly employed in Japan and overseas. Equipping GIKEN press-in machines with integral pile augers, this method couples pile press-in and auger drilling functions to enable press-in construction on hard ground. However, with the previous model, drilling efficiency decreased as the SPT N value (measure of ground hardness) increased. This new model delivers maximum torque that is roughly three times greater*3 than the previous model, which prevents sudden rotational speed loss of the auger when hitting hard, difficult-to-drill ground, and maintains more stable auger rotational speeds compared to the previous model. In addition, it also achieves faster drilling speeds as a result of increased flexibility of the machine to increased torque. GIKEN will not only further expand the press-in machine market with this new model, but will help to grow revenues for the GIKEN Group and its machine users.

*1 A new model pile auger equipped with a flywheel mechanism, which incorporates a weight on the rotating shaft that transmits power from the hydraulic motor. The weight increases torque through use of the rotational moment of inertia.
*2 A press-in mode dedicated to the Hard Ground Press-in Method which uses a conventional model of pile auger.
*3 Maximum torque under specific conditions.

New model: SILENT PILER™ F112

■ Hard Ground Press-in Method

By equipping SILENT PILER™ with a pile auger, this method employs the “Coring Theory”, a unique coupling of press-in and augering (drilling) functions that enables steel sheet piles to be pressed into hard ground. It enables piles to be installed even into cobblestone and gravel layers or bedrock.

With press-in and augering functions in a single machine, this method eliminates the task of replacing existing ground with sand that other construction methods require. This not only reduces time and cost, but also makes the construction process extremely efficient. Because the level of drilling is minimized, machines remove only a little soil without disturbing the surrounding ground to install completed piles with a high bearing capacity.

■ Main features of this new model

Improved construction efficiency using a flywheel-type pile auger
The F112 includes, as standard, a pile auger equipped with a flywheel mechanism, which incorporates a weight on the rotating shaft that transmits power from the hydraulic motor. The weight increases torque through use of the rotational moment of inertia to dramatically improve maximum torque to 118 kN∙m* from the 40 kN∙m of the previous model.

* Maximum torque under specific conditions.

Modified piling machine maximises the benefits of increased torque
The new model offers a strengthened leader mast*1 lock and chuck*2 lock to firmly maintain the position of the press-in machine when the auger is drilling. Supported by this solid reaction base, the machine is able to fully transmit rotational torque to achieve excellent drilling capability and construction precision.

*1 A press-in machine mechanism used to guide press-in and extraction, and center the piles.
*2 A press-in machine mechanism used to grip piles.


Strengthened chuck lock

Improved efficiency during PPTS™ Autonomous Operation
This new model supports “PPTS™ Autonomous Operation”, the optional GIKEN system, which enables optimal automated operation. This feature automates the piling operation, optimizing press-in parameters in real time, from press-in and extraction speed to press-in and extraction stroke, by utilizing data collected automatically during the work.
The new model includes a pile auger with an improved method of casing connection. This connector also enables the chuck to grip the casing for more efficient automated operation.


Improved visibility with multifunction LCD monitor
Equipped with a high-visibility LCD monitor, this new model provides optimal information that enables the operator to concentrate on the pile head.

■ Basic performance


Applicable sheet pilesU sheet piles (400 mm wide)
Press-in force800 kN
Extraction force900 kN
Chuck vertical stroke850 mm
Press-in speed0.5–4.5 m/min
Extraction speed1.1–9.4 m/min
Mass (main body and hose reel)10,800 kg (Standard Mode)

Flywheel-Type Pile Auger (PA25)

Auger torque48 kN∙m
Max. inertial torque70 kN∙m*
Max. torque118 kN∙m*
Rotational speed10–30 min-1
Mass12,000 kg (standard 24 m length)
* Maximum torque under specific conditions.

Power Unit

EU300L5compliant with Japan’s Act on Regulations for Emissions from Non-Road Vehicles (2014) and European Stage V Non-Road Emission Standards

■Profile of GIKEN Group
GIKEN developed the SILENT PILERTM, the world's first reaction-based hydraulic pile jacking machine, installing piles with no noise and vibration. GIKEN Group now actively promotes the Press-in Technology worldwide and contributes to the construction industry by proposing and implementing innovative solutions. The innovative technology of press-in provides a unique solution and the adoption of this technology has grown to more than 40 nations and regions.

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Tokyo Head Office: 16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, 135-0063, Japan