GIKEN LTD Awarded First Place in City of Amsterdam Innovation Partnership Quay Wall Project

2020.5.22 NEWS RELEASE

GIKEN LTD. (Head Office: Kochi, Japan, President: Akio Kitamura) and group company Giken Europe B.V. (Head Office: Almere, The Netherlands, President: Shinnosuke Moribe), have been awarded first place in the Innovation Partnership Quay Wall project (IPK) with the city of Amsterdam. The IPK project was instigated to find the world’s most innovative solution for quay wall renovation in the World Heritage listed canal district of Amsterdam. Giken and its G-Kracht (G Force) partners, Gebr. De Koning BV (De Koning) Van Gelder Group BV (Van Gelder) were selected in first place from a field sixteen international parties and have entered into a partnership agreement with the Amsterdam City Government.

Giken’s GRBSystem and Gyropress™ methodology, founded on the unparalleled Press In principles of minimal environmental disruption won high praise, and following further detailed design work and project specific product development the pilot installation phase is to commence in 2021. The methodology, once demonstrated, is expected to be adopted as a standard construction method for the more than 200 kilometers of quay wall renovation scheduled for Amsterdam.

With much of the country below sea level the Netherlands boasts world’s best technologies for water management. The city of Amsterdam must be congratulated for its decision to seek out new and innovative approaches to the large scale and iconic renovation of the World Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal system. This project will draw the world’s attention and this achievement highlights Giken’s development towards a total package global engineering solutions provider. The Giken Group is excited for this opportunity to show case the Implant Methodon the world stage.

■ Background
The city of Amsterdam owns and manages a 400 year old network bridges and quays which are vulnerable due to advanced age. Erosion & scouring of wooden piles has led to a number of concerns of dyke stability in recent years and urgent repair is required to keep the city functioning and safe. The Amsterdam Government, moving away from traditional approaches put an international call out for innovations which could shorten construction times and minimize environmental impacts while protecting the cityscape. The tender was initiated in 2018. The short list of tenderers announced in late 2019 and Amsterdam officially announced the winners on May 13, 2020. ‘G-Kracht’ (G Force) – the Giken, Gebr. De Koning and Van Gelder alliance - received the highest rating of all global tenderers.

Selection Basis
Traditional construction methodologies for quay wall repair require the construction and use of temporary work platforms and removal of existing structures prior to the construction of a new wall. The process is complex, time consuming, and costly and residents have strong concerns that works will impact the appearance of the World Heritage Canal district.

Giken's Gyropress Method enables the installation of piles directly through the existing canal structure eliminating the need for demolition and temporary works. The Giken GRB System enables the construction equipment to ‘walk’ along the installed pile wall eliminating temporary work platforms and minimizing the construction footprint. Giken Press In technology are vibration and noise free, providing an environmentally sustainable construction methodology to protect the cityscape.

Image of construction using Gyropress™ Method and GRB™ System

■ Project Schedule
G-Force will begin the research and development phase immediately, completing the detailed project design by May 2021. The pilot installation phase will follow and continue until December 2022, with a further 4 year contract for quay wall works to be awarded from January 2023 on successful completion. In this phase each consortium will be awarded a maximum work scope of 1 kilometer per year (annual budget of JPY 2 billion). An additional 4-year contract may then be awarded on consultation with Amsterdam city government. On successful conclusion of works the methodology will be adopted by the city of Amsterdam as a standard construction method.

■ The pilot project
The existing quay walls are wooden pile supported brick embankments. Commencing May 2021 G-Force will install tubular steel piles through the existing structure using Giken’s Gyropress Method. A total of 133 tubular piles, fitted with cutting teeth will be pressed in over a 100 meter section of the existing quay wall and finished with decorative panels to compliment the landscape.

■ GIKEN Recognition
The Giken Group is honoured that its G-Force innovation collaboration received the highest rating among the global list of tenderers. Giken develop and promote technologies based on scientific principles that adhere to "The Five Construction Principles" that should be the foundation of the construction industry. Our belief is "Construction is New Every Day." We are confident that this project award will be another big step for our “Construction Revolution” and our management strategy of "Changing worldwide construction through the Press In Implant Construction Methodology”.

■ Summary
Name of Agreement : Samenwerkingsovereenkomst voor de Onderzoek- en Ontwikkelfase van het   Innovatiepartnerschap Kademuren (AI 2018-0423)

Contract Parties : City of Amsterdam and G-Kracht
<G-Kracht companies>
・ Giken Europe BV
・ Gebr. De Koning BV (De Koning)
・ Van Gelder Group BV (Van Gelder)

Business name : AI 2018-0423 Innovatiepartnerschap Kademuren Gemeente Amsterdam
Owner : City of Amsterdam
Contractor : G-Kracht
Planned Equipment to be used : Gyro Piler, Clamp Crane, Pile Runner
Planned Type and dimensions of pile material to be used : tubular pile (500mm dia.) 10m to 20m long, 133 pcs
Pilot Project Period : Scheduled for May 2021 to December 2022

■ Recent Gyropress™ and GRB Systemuse in Japan

Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Installation of decorative panels above tubular piles

Photo after completion

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