President’s Message

GIKEN LTD. was founded in 1967 as a civil engineering company to cope with the social problem caused by construction works. In 1975, the world’s first reaction-based hydraulic pile jacking machine called “SILENT PILERTM” was invented. As piling works were considered the primary cause of the social problem, noise and vibration-free piling machine was a solution to the severe construction pollution. This determination brought innovation and change to the piling industry, creating the Press-in industry. Since then, we have continued to bring new construction methods and new technology as a development-based company that pursues “Jiryu Dokuso” – The unique and original style of GIKEN.

The value of what Press-in technology offers is not just construction pollution-free piling. Eliminating temporary work platforms by the GRB System reduces CO2 emission, workforce reduction, reduction of the construction period and cost, and achieves high safety and high construction quality. Press-in’s overwhelming superiority will transform the wasteful and inefficient “Old construction industry” based on a conventional method to a science-based “New construction industry”. The practice of Press-in and its expansion is our mission and the heart of the “Construction Revolution”.

Construction works to protect people’s lives and property and improve cultural life must be constructed by a satisfactory method. That is why GIKEN advocates the ‘Five Construction Principle’. The five principles, environmental protection, safety, speed, economy, and aesthetics, are requirements to realize the ideal form of construction work from people’s perspective. The structures created by various construction methods using the Press-in machine, including the Implant Structure by the Implant Method, all comply with the five principles.

We are continually advocating new construction methods to change world’s construction. One example is the Implant Barriers, which is reinforced by installing pile materials using the Implant Method. With high rigidity, the embankment can withstand earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. The methodology and the embankment attracted attention after the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2012, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism adopted the Implant Method to the Nino Coast Embankment Improvement Work in Kochi City. The adoption of the Implant Method by a government is an overturn of the administration’s precedent principle. Implant Method has further expanded to overseas, mainly in Europe and the United States. In 2020, Amsterdam City Government selected the Implant Method for quay wall renovation in the World Heritage-listed canal district of Amsterdam.

The core of our technology development has always been based on science and we have put into practice. From our achievements and experiences, in recent years, we have grown into an engineering company that provides a “total package” from structural planning to design, procurement of the machine and material development, construction, and construction management. We are no longer just piling manufacturers and piling contractors. We are a “global engineering company” specializing in press-in technologies that provide engineering solutions worldwide only made possible by GIKEN.

The press-in methodology has expanded globally to more than 40 countries and regions. Our management strategy of “Changing worldwide construction through Implant Construction Methodology” is not just a statement but the projects we execute globally.

Giken Group will continue to thrive and work together to create an attractive new construction industry and realize the “Construction Revolution.”

Shinnosuke Moribe
President, GIKEN LTD.