How to use ECO Cycle™

How to use

Push-button to deposit and swipe IC card to retrieve. Easy and simple operation made accessible to all users. In addition to being free from rain and theft, which is an advantage of a mechanical bicycle parking lot, it is also safe and secure to use with enhanced safety equipment that protects the safety of both users and bicycles.

Deposit Operation

Retrieval Operation

The fastest retrieval at 8 seconds(average of 13 seconds)


The speed of operation is a key strength of the Eco Cycle, with the fastest retrieval at 8 seconds(average of 13 seconds), reducing wait times and congestion. A variety of safety devices that achieve both high-speed operation and user safety realize a comfortable and safe usage environment.

Examples of bicycles can be parked

ECO cycle can accommodate various type of bicycles, from commuting bicycles to mountain bicycles and electric bicycles.

Safety features

Eco Cycle has many advantages such as storage efficiency and processing capacity, but the most important one is the safe environment. Considering the safety of both users and bicycles, Eco Cycle is equipped with various safety features with a highly safety shutter shape.

Entering/ Exiting doorThe entering/exiting door only opens when bicycles passes through. This prevents users from entering the ECO Cycle.
Side guardThe guard prevents entry by children and ensures safety
ShutterUsing Giken technology, the shutter will only accommodate up to the width of tires, Any oversized item will be rejected.
Guide railSensor will automatically detect any misaligned bicycles and bicycles that have been wheel-locked. A waring announcement will be made to alert users.
Earthquake detection sensorThe operation will automatically stop if an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 5 level(100 gal) is detected.

Operation Method(video)

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