By using optimal system equipment to suit the construction objectives and on-site environment, in addition to the advantage that the press-in principle brings, namely, by not disturbing the ground due to having minimal vibration and noise, press-in construction is possible even under difficult construction conditions.

Overcoming Difficult Construction Condition

Press-in Method for constructing structural wall without any temporary works and facilities works and facilities at confined or restricted sites.


Press-in Method for constructing structural wall beneath overhead obstruction without giving any impact on current surrounding functions.


Press-in Method for constructing structural wall with zero clearance to adjacent structures and boundaries.


The Hard Ground Press-in Method enables pile installation to be carried out in difficult ground conditions such as cobble or boulder mixed soil, underground obstructions or rocks.


The Gyropress System consists of the Axial Press-in System and rotation, which increases efficiency of the Press-in System. Therefore, the Gyropress Method enables tubular piles to be installed  into very hard ground and buried obstructions.

Expansion of the Structural Form

Build a wall structure with superior rationality and economy, combining 900 hat sheet piles with highly rigid tubular piles and excellent water sealing properties.


The use of a skip lock attachment makes it possible to perform construction with skipping of tubular piles.

Expansion of the Materials that can be used for Applicable Piles

Building of a simple yet robust continuous wall using a compact press-in system.


Press-in Method for constructing concrete structural wall by jacking in prefabricated Concrete Sheet Piles.